Information Technology

Colsh provides dynamic, business and technical operations in commercial and public sector organizations. We help the clients to develop their applications, and infrastructure to better match the modern business requirements. Colsh replaces the wearied, monotonous IT infrastructure with the latest ones, thereby helping you to quickly move from yesterday to tomorrow. Colsh provides end-to-end consultancy services and support to the clients.

Colsh strongly condemns the act of snatching the consultants in an illegitimate manner. To refrain this act, Colsh came up with the idea to monitor the selected consultants’ calls with their consent. We would highly appreciate it if you do not disclose the information of the consultants for any further job openings until he gets relieved from the hands of Colsh.

Considering the fact that the consultants we picked are being taken away by some other consultancies, Colsh strongly suggests you to maintain the information confidential. At any given scenario, we do not entertain the unethical acts such as sharing the consultant’s details on any public or private job portals on W2/1099 basis.

For all due intents and purposes, Colsh would like to suggest that all the calls the consultants receive would be monitored and recorded for quality purposes. If you do not accept to any of these conditions, hard luck for you! Colsh would suggest you to abstain from contacting our consultants.

For any further information regarding the terms and conditions, please feel free to drop a quick message at